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Re: MSYS2: downgrade to GLM version



On 12/18/2018 8:02 AM, Carsten Schoenert wrote:
> Am 18.12.18 um 13:51 schrieb Wayne Stambaugh:
>> Hi Cedric,
>> Please post a patch to the mailing list.  Create the patch using `git
>> format-patch`.  Add [PATCH] to the beginning of the subject line.
>> Someone will review your patch and merger it if no changes are required
>> or request the appropriate changes required to get it merged.
>> I prefer in-line and bottom posting but generally I will following the
>> posting style used by the thread.
>> Thank you for your interest in contributing to KiCad.
> We are living in times where git exists for over decade now, just use
> the possibilities. :)
> $ git remote add cedric https://github.com/cdwijs/kicad-source-mirror
> $ git fetch cedric
> ...
> $ git show 019dec6edacd63237680b0662e720b8dab6f1664
> cherry-pick, amend or do whatever is needed.
> $ git remote remove cedric
> The patch would introduce some whitespace issue and also some mixed
> tab/space changes. But nothing that could not be solved by just quickly
> amending this.

I am fully aware of this but it is extra work on my end.  This method is
fine for large change sets but for the simple patch that Cedric proposed
it's overkill.  Patch files are easier for me to review and merge.