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issue with Python BOM Generators on macOS


Hi folks!

I've been tracking a macOS issue that I thought was a packaging issue, but
I think needs to be fixed in KiCad.

Basically, the BOM Generator dialog is running python but it's running the
system python (with the bundled python's libraries :D).  We want it to run
the bundled python.  When users modify the command to use the bundled
python, it works fine.

So I dug into it, and we fix the PATH so that when something from pcbnew
runs "python", it runs the right python on both macOS and Windows.


So, code organization-wise, what's the best way to run something similar in
eeschema?  Do we do it in a more global area?  Do we pull it into a
function and call it in both places?

I'm handy with C++ and Kicad building, but I have zero intuition for how
things are arranged in the code base--I just haven't spent that much time
on it.  Any tips or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks folks!

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