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Re: Debugging Kicad, can this be done with Qt creator?


I used Qt Creator to develop for KiCad.
You just need to create a project that builds with a Makefile (not a QT project but a Makefile project), you can have multiple build targets ( Release, Debug ) then you can debug the Debug exec. You can set the target executable and exec path to debug (eg: kicad, pcbnew, etc)

Tip: remember to add -jx (where x is your CPU number) to the makefile extra arguments.


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Hi All,

I would like to set breakpoints in the Kicad source, and then run a graphical debugger. I know how to set this up with Qt projects in Qt creator. What's your method? Is qt a workable solution, or should I use ecipse? I'm on Windows 7, with msys2


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