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Re: [PATCH] Add MIPS N64 support for libcontext



On 27.12.18 05:19, Seth Hillbrand wrote:

> OK, I'll confirm that KiCad runs as expected in qemu-mips64el with this
> patch.  I see minimal issues (mostly around support) with this patch. 
> That said, as long as Jiaxun can pitch in for bug reports from Loongson
> platforms, I see no issues here.  Anyone have concerns here?

Looks good to me:

 - only affects MIPS N64
 - Loongson errata are handled (IIRC that is mostly about branch delay
 - also submitted to Boost, so no regressions if we ever get back to a
state where KiCad doesn't need to ship assembler code.


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