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Re: "Fuzzy" antialiasing in eeschema


Alex Lockwood kirjoitti 4.1.2019 klo 4.14:
> I know this is solidly within in realm of minor complaints, but I
> wonder, is there anything "easy" that can be done about this?
> https://misc.c4757p.com/fuzzy-wires.png
> A simple answer, I think, is to give eeschema and pcbnew separate
> settings for antialiasing (as the sort of things pcbnew renders benefit
> much more from it), but... can anybody explain to someone who doesn't
> know jack about antialiasing algorithms why this happens? The
> corners/junctions "spreading out" so far really strikes me as odd from
> how I understand AA normally working. Are we doing anything...weird?

There is a pretty rambling thread about it here:


Essentially it boils down to lack of development manpower and
compatibility/performance/OpenGL-version (2.1) limitations.