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Re: Improve GLM check to ignore clang (which is working)


Am 2019-01-06 06:03, schrieb Thomas Pointhuber:

at the moment I revert the "Check for incompatible glm version" every
time I update the KiCad sources, because I'm using clang instead which
is working with the current glm version on arch linux.

My Patch binds the GLM check to GCC only, to allow other compilers to
work with newer GLM versions.

Note that this is a silent C++14 extension that Clang is implementing. GCC also compiles fine with --std=c++14. If we're going to allow this, I'd prefer we enable the option universally across all compilers to avoid fracturing. You might test adding cxx_constexpr to target_compile_features to see if this fixes glm for g++.


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