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$comp file format question




I am looking at damaged schematic file someone sent me. It has fields like



L Device:LED_ALT D?



AR Path="/5C0355BF/5C061BDB" Ref="D?"  Part="1" 

AR Path="/5C048F20/5C061BDB" Ref="D103"  Part="1"


I suspect the problem is that a hierarchical sheet was deleted before
annotation and the sheet was not "cleaned up" by KiCad so the "ghost" of the
sheet remains in the file format. I think I have seen this before and might
have raised it as a bug. Eventually I am going to try and replicate this
issue and if I can I'll file a bug report.


Nevertheless, when I consult the file formats PDF linked here
http://kicad-pcb.org/help/file-formats/  (pages 3 and 4) I see no definition
for the AR field. There is no date/version number on the PDF, so I assume it
is the most recent one, but I don't know for sure.


Is the file formats document link pointing to an obsolete document? 


Can someone kindly point me to where the AR field is documented?




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