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Re: [PATCH] Zones: wxPoint/VECTOR2I warnings no longer needed


Am 2019-01-23 08:46, schrieb John Beard:
In the past, the ZONE_CONTAINER::GetPosition() member
returned a reference to a wxPoint, in accordance with the
BOARD_ITEM interface. This meant that ZONE_CONTAINER had
to reinterpret_cast a VECTOR2I (its internal position data) to wxPoint,
which was possible only due to fortunate memory layout.

This interface was changed to return wxPoints by value in
commit a4528988ca, and the normal (wxPoint) cast was used instead.

Thus, we can now also remove the dire warnings and static_asserts
used to ensure the now-unused old method was correct.
 pcbnew/class_zone.h | 46 ---------------------------------------------
 1 file changed, 46 deletions(-)

Makes sense.  Would you be able to send this one with git format-patch?

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