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Re: [PATCH] Prevent microwave tool invalid lengths


Am 2019-01-24 12:17, schrieb John Beard:

Here's a patch for a very old bug in the microwave inductor (which is
a 5.1.0 milestone).

I haven't fixed the underlying issue here, but it does stop invalid
outputs being generated with a warning.

An example of inputs that generate invalid outputs (0.25mm trace width):

* Draw inductor 5mm long, ask for 6mm: this is too small
* Draw inductor 5mm long, as for 7mm: this can't be represented accurately

These aren't trivial to fix and only affect very "Short" inductors of
a few small turns. I have done the calculations for the first case (it
doesn't have a closed-form solution), but haven't started the second
bit, and there's a refactor and a good think needed. So, submitting
this to close out the 5.1.0 bug and at least prevent invalid outputs.

Works well. Thanks John! In v6, we should look at refactoring to make this easier but least now it doesn't require carefully deleting when you get it wrong.

Patch pushed