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Re: Date for 5.1.0-rc1?


Am 11.02.19 um 16:20 schrieb Steven A. Falco:
> I've tried downloading the tars for 5.1.0-rc1, but nothing is there
> yet.  Is there a tentative date for that?>
> The reason I ask is because Fedora 30 is scheduled to branch from
> rawhide on 2019-02-19, and it would be desirable to get 5.1.0-rc1 in
> before the branch.
KiCad 5.1.0-rc1 is already tagged.
You can create your own tarball from a local git tree or use the tagged
version on GitHub e.g.


The trees for kicad-{doc,i18n} aren't tagged yet for 5.1.0-rc1 so you
need to decide which commit you will use if needed.

For the other parts like the libraries etc. there are also no tags

Carsten Schoenert