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Re: [patch] improved support for MS Visual Studio


Hi Tom,

On 06.03.19 18:17, Tomasz Wlostowski wrote:

> This patchset enables building KiCad in MS Visual Studio (version 2017,
> not tested on earlier versions).


Patch 5/9 "msvc: enable parallel builds, remove unused compiler
parameters" basically undoes patch 3/9 "MSVC support for external
includes", incompletely. I'd throw both of them out for the time being,
and investigate why CMake isn't treating the external projects as system
includes (because if it were, it'd be passing an "/external:I" option,
which breaks without "/experimental:external"). Oh well, this at least
explains why I still get warnings in wx headers.

I'm unsure about the /MP flag as well. It's a great speedup, especially
with many cores, but it completely breaks job control for the Jenkins
box, so it'd be nice to have it optional (default-on is fine for me as
long as I can turn it off).


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