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Re: KiCAD snap package


On Fri, Mar 15, 2019 at 01:29:55PM +0100, Maximilian Federle wrote:
> Hello,
> I've packaged KiCAD 5.1 as a snap package (https://snapcraft.io/) as
> well as the libraries: https://github.com/ppd1990/kicad-snap
> It is not in the store yet, however a very outdated (also not building
> anymore) version is: https://snapcraft.io/kicad-snap
> The developer states that he doesn't have the time to maintain it
> anymore and so I'd like to take over publishing more up-to-date
> packages. Store guidelines recommend using a name without suffix, so
> in this case that'd be "kicad" and not "kicad-snap".
> However, "kicad" is already registered by some unknown (to me)
> developer, but nothing is published under this name.
> So my questions are:
> 1)
> Does anyone here hold the registration of the "kicad" name in the snap store?
> If yes, would you agree to publish a package under it or transfer the name?
> 2)
> Do you, as a project, have interest in such a package?
> If yes, I could request a name transfer of the "kicad" snap name with
> the backing of the upstream project.

First I think it should be tested throughly... I tried some time ago the
snap package and found some (small?) problems. First the inability to
allow execution of sistem web browser, pdf reader and text editor, which
makes life a bit difficult for the snap KiCad user... Could you check
please if these problems are still present?


Marco Ciampa

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