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Module icons



I plan to pixel align the module icons in Pcbnew, as they are
currently blurry (and not even consistently blurry) - they're probably
the worst offenders left for blurriness. Getting these aligned at 26px
will be a good step towards hiDPI-aware scalable icons, as they will
also be aligned at 2x resolution.

However, due to a quirk of the number 26, it's impossible to have the
current fat-ish pins, keep the pins and module centred in the icon,
and have 3 pins to a side, and keep them all pixel aligned (which is
why even the most-sharp current icon has blurry middle pins). So the
pins are now a bit skinnier. Hence a quick check that these icons are

Comparison image attached (new icons on left). I haven't changed any
metaphors or the pin colours.



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