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Arc of a circle questions


In Kicad an arc is defined by Center point X and Y, Radius, Start and End
angles in 10ths of a degree and Start and End points X and Y.

This is overkill since the polar representation fully defines the Arc and
the Cartesian start and end
points are redundant.

Some quick experiments on how kicad handles errors between the two systems
tells me that I
always want to make sure that the two sets of data always agree if I want
to avoid surprises.

A better way to express an Arc would be Center point X and Y, Start and End
points X and Y and direction (clockwise or counter).

This would allow you to create closed shapes that mixed straight lines with
arcs to produce logic gates. The current fill option for an arc doesn't
work on OR gates since one arc needs to fill on its outside.

If the Start and End points are equidistant from the center then this would
produce a true arc.

Sometimes the start and end points are required to match other line
segments end points and you
need to taper the arc to make it look right. This form could handle that.

Any thoughts?

John Eaton

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