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CI builds



Context: I have managed to break *another* build on a platform I don't
have (macos).

Is there an list of CI builders which we expect to be passing at any
given time? So far, I know of:

* Simon's Jenkins[1], which has a Msys2, MSVC and Debian builds that
fire on SCM changes. I often do build checks here for the Windows
platforms and older Boosts. Unit tests run on Linux and MSVC.
* Wayne and Layne's macbuilder [2]: which of these jobs are expected
to be passing?
* ci.kicad-pcb.org: seems to have been down for a while?

If we have a list of all should-pass builds, it should be relatively
easy to have a way to check they are all passing as expected.

[1]: https://jenkins.simonrichter.eu/
[2]: https://builder.wayneandlayne.com/

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