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eemodern branch


I’ve pushed my eemodern branch to origin in case anyone wants to check it out.

There’s still a lot not done, and there are no doubt many bugs.  If anyone else wants to contribute to it let me know and we can figure out whether to fallback to merges or to submit patches to a single person and continue to rebase off of master.

Some notes:

1) CurItem and BLOCK are going.  There’s a selection, and it might have one item or more in it.
2) Nothing has been done with LibEdit yet.  It should be able to share some of the tools, but will need its own for others.
3) Cut/copy/paste is now text-based over the system clipboard.  (This means you can also copy/paste between schematics, or even between your schematic and a text editor.)
4) Context menus have not been moved yet, but since event processing has, they won’t appear at all.
5) There’s some infrastructure in to support locking, but I haven’t implemented it as a feature yet.
6) Snapping and the grid is an area I haven’t paid too much attention to (partly as I’m not even sure how it’s supposed to work).  If you find issues, give a holler.


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