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Re: eemodern merge request


Am 2019-05-02 16:51, schrieb Jeff Young:
The eeschema modern toolset is “finished”.

It can be found at origin/eemodern.  A bit of testing before merging
might be in order….


Note: this is just the schematic editor. The symbol editor will follow.

Awesome work here Jeff!  This is huge.

Playing around, I got a few crashes. One was after placing an image and exiting but I can't seem to recreate it. The image placement itself is a bit wonky so maybe the issue is in there. It looks like the images don't update during placement until we zoom in/out and after placement they disappear when zooming again.

The other was when duplicating a subsheet. Duplicate using right-click menu, then cancel without placing. Then right-click again. This also happens when we make a selection then Ctrl-D for duplicate then press escape to cancel and then click.

If you copy a group of subsheets with Ctrl+C, then paste with Ctrl-V, you get a series of rename dialogs for the subsheets and then a crash at the end.

Other things are smaller and shouldn't hinder merging.

- Right-click inside a subsheet should have exit sub sheet as the first option - Double-click on a subsheet should enter the subsheet instead of editing properties - Drag a connected resistor (G) and then press R to rotate. The connected items are rotated with the resistor - Drag a connected element (G) and then press M to move. You get the element _and_ the connected items - Rotate happens around an unknown point when you are rotating a group of elements. Single element seems normal.

Thanks for taking this on Jeff! It's an amazing bit of work you've committed.


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