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Feature Proposal: Schematic Netlist modules for Eeschema/SKIDL hybrid


Hi All,

First off congratulations to everyone involved with KiCon for making
it a success and the great progress that is happening with Kicad at
the moment.

I've been following Dave Vandenbout's work on SKIDL [1] a while but
his talk [2] at the conference on SKIDL really showed the power that
programmatic circuit design could bring to electronic design
especially with a simulation/optimization loop.

To that end I wondered weather it would be possible to include the
netlist output from a SKIDL script into a traditional schematic,
allowing for the best use of both worlds?

Given that we currently have subsheets that can be reused multiple
times, could it be possible through the inclusion of a netlist reader
into Eeschema to read either a netlist file directly or the result of
executing a SKIDL script and incorporate that back into the larger

I can imagine a type of hierarchical sheet where the user can specify
the nets to be shown as sheet pins, which would be connected to the
matching nets from the netlist file.

My question to those with more knowledge of the current netlist
generation algorithm is how possible this would be?

[1] https://github.com/xesscorp/skidl
[2] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WErQYI2A36M

Russell Oliver

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