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Re: 6.0 string proposal


It takes some lead to hit a moving target.
You know this if you have ever shot clay pigeons.

Do we have any evidence that computers are going to have more memory in the future?

If so, then this class might be useful:


I actually don't know what UTF32 is.   It seems like an oxymoron.  If a 32 bit field can
hold every character on earth, why do you imply with the "UTF" prefix that this is a multi
element per character animal?  Could just be a bad name selection.  "Real unicode" would
have been a better name.

In any case, that class probably has some decent typedefs that make it easy to use, and
with some conversion functions to and from wxSring, might be easiest to deal with long term.

Note that wchar_t is a classic example of bad software design.  Somebody made a bet on
wchar_t being wider than char, but did not ensure that it was big enough.  (Did not gather
all the concerns up before racing forward.)

char32_t does not make that mistake.  Well it should work until we get invaded by space

And really, if the next wxWidgets major release does not use this as their string
foundation, then I would remain more confused than I am now.  And its confusing how that
might be possible.

Because I bought what I would have called a super computer 12 years ago for under $35
recently, with a lot of ram.