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Re: Bug #1773638: The origins of 6.0 (pun intended)


Hi Reece,

I only have opinions on a few of your questions so far:

1. This seems logical to me
2. I agree this panel is getting full.  Maybe we should start a
"coordinates and grids" setting page, if we are eventually going to support
custom grids, move the current grid settings there, and add yours?  Anyone
else have ideas?
3. Use wxFormBuilder -- I recommend installing the latest version from
source.  You can browse through the existing preference dialog *.fbp
projects to get a feel for it.  I usually have that open on one monitor and
the wxWidgets documentation on the other :-)
6. This seems potentially quite handy for the footprint editor.  It's less
clear to me why this is needed for the schematic / symbol editors.


On Sat, May 4, 2019 at 8:58 PM Reece R. Pollack <reece@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Rene pointed out that my work on display origin transforms is really a fix
> for Bug #1773638, thus the retitling.
> I'm making good progress, but I need a bit of guidance before proceeding
> further.
> The code I've developed allows the user to select the origin for the
> display of X and Y coordinates, rather than the origin always being the
> upper left corner of the surrounding "page" frame. There is no change to
> the underlying board file or internal coordinate representation. This is
> purely a change the way coordinates are displayed to the user and entered
> by the user in dialog boxes.
> The user gets three configuration options:
>    - The absolute display origin: Page (default), Aux, or Grid.
>    - The direction of the positive Y-axis: Down (default) or Up.
>    - The direction of the positive X-axis: Right (default) or Left.
> I've attached patch diffs for review and experimentation. The patches will
> apply cleanly to the current "eemodern" branch (commit 6137921), the 5.1.2
> tag with one trivial merge error, and probably the "master" branch. It's
> not ready for merging, though. It lacks a UI for configuration, and
> configuration isn't saved or loaded from the user preferences file. For
> testing the config defaults to Aux origin and Y-axis Up. Obviously these
> deficiencies will have to be addressed before a merge.
> Now for my request for guidance:
>    1. The user configuration options are currently in the
>    PCB_DISPLAY_OPTIONS class. I'd like some confirmation that this is the
>    correct place before I code the preferences file save and restore.
>    2. Where should the config UI go? I expect this will be a
>    set-and-forget thing for most users. I'm thinking on the Pcbnew Preferences
>    -> Preferences -> Pcbnew -> Display Options dialog, if there's room. But
>    this panel seems to be half-shared with other apps and is getting kind of
>    full. Perhaps another panel instead of Display Options?
>    3. The last time I did UI work was when the TRS-80 was hot stuff (I'm
>    a Linux kernel guy). Can someone recommend an approach for developing the
>    UI changes, and perhaps a pointer to a relevant how-to?
>    4. The dx/dy (relative coordinate) part of the status line isn't being
>    transformed yet because of commit e6a200b. I posted a question regarding
>    that earlier today but haven't received any replies yet.
>    5. Have I missed any dialog boxes that present absolute coordinates to
>    the user? There's a list in the commit log.
>    6. Should this be extended to the footprint editor? Eeschema? Anywhere
>    else?
> Thanks for the help, folks!
> -Reece
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