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Re: Some first impressions on our tool framework


Am 2019-05-06 21:02, schrieb Tomasz Wlostowski:
On 06/05/2019 09:48, Jeff Young wrote:
1) I hate the coroutines.  They truncate backtraces in the debugger.


How about using ucontext.h on Unices (Linux/OSX) and WinFiber API on
Windows? I have working implementation of the latter already in the MSVC
branch. Are there any reasons to not use ucontext under Linux/OSX?

I'm sure you've seen this:

tldr; ucontext_t is really a bummer, performance-wise.

Maybe we look into Boost::Fiber? It is stack-ful and as long as we stick to the the defined API, we should not hit the issues we had in the past with the low-level stuff.