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eemodern - segfault on eeschema when aborting a paste operation with "esc" key on commit 5f4a6e33a0054489434b7f388e8dc559707140f6 (also in previous)


In today's version I experience a segfault anytime a paste operation is aborted using the "esc" key.

How to reproduce the behaviour.

-Create a new schematic
-Add a GND symbol
-Copy it with ctrl-c
-Paste it with ctrl-v, without confirming with click or enter
-ESC key to abort,

then an assertion:

/home/dinoghi/SANDBOXKICAD5/src/kicad/common/view/view.cpp(386): assert "viewData->m_view == this" failed in Remove().

[1] make_fcontext

then segmentation fault, even if "continue" is clicked in the "assert" windows.

-Same behaviour copying a graphic line in an existing schematic.

On the terminal output also I had the messages:
/home/dinoghi/SANDBOXKICAD5/src/kicad/common/view/view.cpp(386): assert "viewData->m_view == this" failed in Remove(). /home/dinoghi/SANDBOXKICAD5/src/kicad/common/dlist.cpp(175): assert "aElement && aElement->GetList() == this" failed in remove().
Segmentation fault

P.S.: Some other points (not so critical and I do not know if it is a desired effect or not, so I report):hyerarchical sheet pins imported from a sub-sheet using "Place hyerarchical sheet pin corresponding to ..." be moved outside the subsheet border (select, press M for "move" and they can be moved everywhere).

Let me know it makes sense to file bug reports for this.