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Re: 6.0 task proposal


On 10/05/2019 11:08, Jeff Young wrote:
Once we remove PCBNew’s legacy canvas I’d like to propose that we simplify the hotkey architecture:

Get rid of the HotKey data-structures; have Actions specify a hotkey key-combination.

+0 (strongly support stripping legacy hotkey infrastructure, but...)

Do the tool actions actually even need to know their hotkey? I think perhaps they shouldn't really care *what* the hotkey is or even if one is set, it's not their problem. It's the tool framework that should be maintaining this mapping.

Tools have a unique handle, the tool framework is in charge of invoking the tool as needed. It's like a hammer doesn't come with a label saying how to find it, it's up to you to put it in the right drawer and remember where it is.

1) You won’t be able to see all the key-combinations in one place in the code (but you can run Kicad to see them together).

Is there a way to load in a default action-string->hotkey mapping? So the TOOL_ACTIONs have a slot for the hotkey as currently, but it's empty/0 at static init. Then load that with a (e.g.) std::unordered_map<std::string, int> for the defaults.

There should be an interface layer (i.e. a hotkey config model) mediating the tool framework, the config file and the hotkey dialog anyway, so this is just a function of that that can be called at startup.

Then it might be easier to see conflicts, which are otherwise tricky to find, especially when platforms (looking at you, macOS) have different default hotkeys.



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