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Atomic Libraries Proposal


Hi All-

After some discussion, we are trying to decide whether implementing a basic atomic library support would be useful during v6 or would cause more headache than worth while trying to work with the solution.

Background: "Atomic" libraries are ones that have unique names for symbol+footprint+properties combinations. These are also referred to as "Fully-specified" libraries or sometimes "house libraries".

The paradigm is outlined in a google document[1]. This is meant to provide an explicit option for users to create/utilize atomic library components without affecting the symbol or footprint formats. It is also meant to be zero impact to the current, official KiCad libraries.

The major limitations of the specification are:
- No editing of the atomic library file within KiCad
- The atomic library does not contain symbol or footprint data

Folks are welcomed to weigh in on whether this approach presents a viable work flow for them. I'm happy to take suggestions on the approach, I may ask you offline for some additional details of how you use KiCad and/or other tools with libraries at the moment.


[1] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FNPmUAkNVt7r9oz32OznDrqL8RHdGHpO-eiBVEzHCOs/edit?usp=sharing

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