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Re: 6.0 Zone filling differences


Memory is the second thing to go as one ages. 

I can't remember what the first one is. 

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Sent: Thursday, June 20, 2019 2:46:58 PM 
Subject: Re: [Kicad-developers] 6.0 Zone filling differences 

Wow. That’s sobering. I wrote the board outline clearance changes…. 

Age sucks. 

On 20 Jun 2019, at 19:04, jp charras < [ mailto:jp.charras@xxxxxxxxxx | jp.charras@xxxxxxxxxx ] > wrote: 

Le 20/06/2019 à 19:24, Jeff Young a écrit : 

I believe we now have a warning, but I can’t remember what change it was for. I thought it was for the outline changes, but from what I can find on the mailing list archive it looks like we were satisfied that one wouldn’t change anything. 

So remind me what the warning is for? 

AFAIK, it is for board outline clearance change (taking in accounf or 
not the edge cut graphic items thickness, if I correctly remember). 
Zone outline changes (only activated if the kicad_advanced 
"ForceThickZones=0" option enables it), do not need any warning. 


The reason behind this request is that I have a new fill algorithm which fixes a long-standing bug regarding one pad’s thermal ring knocking out another pad’s thermal spoke. It also allows thermal spokes on custom pad shapes (and would allow us to support custom number of spokes if we wished). 

While this should only change zone fills which would have been considered errors in the past, it nevertheless changes them. What’s the prescription for that? 



Jean-Pierre CHARRAS 

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