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Bug #1752298: Clean up sorting functions for mixed text and numbers


Hello All,

I started working on the bug #1752298 and I would like to get an
understanding on the requirements. I feel that this is not a bug, rather it
is a requirement to have a unified function for sorting.

There can be many requirements for sorting in KiCAD. Therefore, before
jumping into implementation, I'd like to ask what requirements we are after.

One sorting mechanism can look like below.

A0, A1, A2, ...., B0, B1, B2.... C1, C2, C3, ... , AA1, AA2, ..., AB0, AB1,
... etc

This can possibly be used for pin sorting (PA0, PA1, etc.) and component
sorting. (J1, J2, U1, U2, etc.)

Also, where do we usually store utility functions? Is there a particular

Best Regards,
Pradeepa Senanayake.

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