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Re: Arc Adjustment proposal


ke 10. heinäk. 2019 klo 20.26 Seth Hillbrand (seth@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) kirjoitti:

> Problem: Arcs are stored in the pcbnew file using center, start point
> and arc angle.  This leaves the end point of the arc subject to rounding
> errors.

For what it's worth, in normal graphical arcs (especially in edge cuts) the
two endpoints (or start and end) are usually important, the centerpoint
isn't. The endpoints should snap to other graphical items. I don't think
the current implementation has caused much problems for that - although I
may be wrong, I have struggled with some edge cuts. What has been more
important is the limited editing capabilities: I should be able to lock
some of the values and edit the arc by giving some values, and edit
graphically by using tangent lines. And the current way of having
start/endpoint distinction and different funtionality for them in the UI is
really cumbersome. But that's another story altogether...

Eeli Kaikkonen

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