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Failing test: common.holeyPolySet.Collide( VECTOR2I( 11, 11 ), 5 )



we have a failing test, consistent on all tested platforms:

[Error] - check common.holeyPolySet.Collide( VECTOR2I( 11, 11 ), 5 ) has failed
 == [File] - /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/linux-kicad-head/src/qa/common/geometry/test_shape_poly_set_collision.cpp
 == [Line] - 160

The first build[1] this appeared on has the following changes:

    Cleanup and commenting.
    Allow thermal spokes to be same width as minimum width.
    Add preference for flip axis.
    Fix a bug in tool activation/deactivation and another illegal
    Update position before first mouse-move-event.
    Improve performance, commenting and API of some polygon classes.


[1] https://jenkins.simonrichter.eu/job/linux-kicad-head/3325/

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