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Re: repetitive string...


On 2019-07-30 10:40, Marco Ciampa wrote:
Hi devs,
a (possible, as usual) silly question...

Is it possible to parameterize this string?


TOOL_ACTION PCB_ACTIONS::layerInner28( "pcbnew.Control.layerInner28",
        AS_GLOBAL, 0, "",
        _( "Switch to Inner layer 28" ), "",
        nullptr, AF_NONE, (void*) In28_Cu );

to avoid to have translate some 32 completely similar strings X all
languages just for the inner layer number?

If the answer is "no", please just delete this message...

Hi Marco-

Sorry for the delay in response. In the current setup, we can't parameterize these. But we're going to be implementing a sequence-based hotkey structure during v6. I imagine that this set of actions will be prime candidates, so the hotkey string will only be something like "Switch to layer number..." and the second key in the sequence will represent the layer number and not need a translation.