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Cvpcb upgrade to tool framework


I have now finished my work on moving cvpcb to the tool framework and also
adding in new features. The changes can be seen on my branch here:
and upgrades cvpcb significantly, including:

* Switching it to the tool framework
* Refactoring the structure to make association modifications easier to code
* Add a hotkey infrastructure through the tool framework
* Add undo/redo of associations
* Add single association delete (and fix the name of the delete all tool
and its confirmation text)
* Add cut/copy/paste of associations (you can also copy from the footprint
box to paste into the component box).
* Add the library location display. It will use the currently selected
module usually, but will use the module information the component listbox
when it is active and the library selected in the library listbox when it
is active.
* General cleanup of the cmake build, includes, and events to correspond to
the rework.

Sorry for the size of this, but I didn't think splitting into the refactor
part and the new material would be good since then you couldn't see how the
refactor made the new material very easy to add.

So, grab a coffee, sit back, and let me know if you have any