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[RFC] Comments for a Layer Stack Manager in Pcbnew


Since a long time, I started (slowly...) a layer stack manager.
The purpose is to allow users to define (for board fabrication) some
important parameters like:
- tech, copper and dielectric thickness
- color of some tech layers
- dielectric material
- board constraints.

All of these parameters are in the .gbrjob file generated when plotting
gbr files.
Note also these parameters are not used in the board editor, only used
to fabricate the board.

the dialog is available from the "Tools" menu.

The ultimate purpose is to have something like a CAM tool to manage info
about the board fabrication and to create files needed to fabricate the
board all in once.
This is mandatory to ensure all files (gbr files, gbrjob files,
placement files and some others) are created at the same time, and use
the same settings.
The first step is this layer Stack Manager.

Please test and comment.
Note also the dialog is not very good, but it is good enough (i hope) to
test the feature.
The main result of these settings is in the .gbrjob file.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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