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Re: [Patch] Fix some memory leaks



On Tue, Aug 13, 2019 at 10:50:10AM -0400, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:

> Maybe we should have used boost::ptr_deque instead.  You get heap
> allocation cleanup for free.

Or a deque of smart pointers. Without range-based for, that was annoying to
use because you needed the double dereference

    for(std::deque<std::auto_ptr<OBJECT> >::const_iterator i = objects.begin;
            i != object.end(); ++i)

which was the main reason boost::ptr_container exists. Today, we can just

    for(auto const &p : objects)

which is not perfect, but probably good enough.

I'm not entirely convinced we need lists of polymorphic objects that much.
The construct where VIA is a subclass of TRACK (which is also used
directly) could possibly be changed into abstract TRACK as a base, TRACE
and VIA as (final) most derived classes, and objects stored in deque<TRACE>
and deque<VIA> without fear of slicing. That should cut down on the number
of allocations required, and also allow introducing a pool allocator into
the deque type as a further optimization.


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