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5.1.5 RC?


Hi All-

I know 5.1.4 is still in its infancy but I am hoping that we can plan for a 5.1.5 during September (fixing at least 2 critical bugs). We've been a bit rocky with the point updates, so I'd like to propose a sequence:

1) Sometime around September 15: Tag 5.1.5-rc1 and announce string freeze to give give translations a chance to update and tag 5.1.5 2) At this point, we don't push anything to 5.1 unless it is fix for a critical bug. No other fixes until after 5.1.5.
3) If there is a fix for a critical bug, we tag 5.1.5-rc2 after.
4) 7 days after the last rc2 is tagged, we tag 5.1.5

What do folks think about this scheme? Maybe a way to avoid the 5.1.3 (and 5.1.1 and 5.0.1 before it) situation?


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