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Re: Linker Error (self made...)



On Wed, Aug 28, 2019 at 10:47:52AM +0200, Ian McInerney wrote:

> I think that the only way to really fix this is to split common up into
> some smaller units,

I had the same idea already. This works for some parts (for example I was
able to split off dlist as an experiment), but the base_units stuff cannot
be turned into a library right now.

What might work would be defining the conversion factor in the Kiface
instantiation code and pass it down through the *_FRAME hierarchy, but that
would make all conversions require the frame as context (so it would break
my plan for a gradual replacement). Once the unit code is merged, there
isn't even a need to build separate DLLs anymore, we can just link
everything together.


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