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Re: Multiple delete in dialog_spice_model.cpp


On 2019-08-30 15:49, Sylwester Kocjan wrote:

                m_schfields->erase( std::remove_if(
m_schfields->begin(), m_schfields->end(),
                        [&]( const SCH_FIELD& f ) { return f.GetName()
== spiceField; } ), m_schfields->end() );

My question is, why deletion is repeated: at first there is called
remove_if(), and later erase(), which will delete
all the fields behind the removed one. From my point of view it looks
like remove_if() only should be enough.

remove_if() re-orders the container and returns the iterator that points to the first matching element. erase() removes all elements from this iterator through the end of the container.

See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erase%E2%80%93remove_idiom

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