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Re: Commit c8a6878 breaks compilation on msys2


Whoops.  Thanks JP.  Fix incoming.

On 2019-09-04 12:35, jp charras wrote:
common.h does not compile with msys2/gcc 9.1.0

Here is the error message:

In file included from D:/wxWidgets-3.1.1/include/wx/defs.h:851,
                 from D:/wxWidgets-3.1.1/include/wx/wx.h:14,
from E:/kicad-launchpad/gerber_dev/include/common.h:37,
E:/kicad-launchpad/gerber_dev/include/common.h: In function 'constexpr
ret_type KiROUND(fp_type)':
E:/kicad-launchpad/gerber_dev/include/common.h:118:5: error: 'asm' in
'constexpr' function
  118 |     wxASSERT( ret <= std::numeric_limits<ret_type>::max()

Looks to me using wxASSERT here creates this issue.
(I replaced wxASSERT by a printf controlled by the same condition to
compile Kicad)

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