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On 2019-10-09 02:26, jp charras wrote:

Hi Seth,

Here is a test showing the memory used by pcbnew, with and without CJK
font (I used the Windows monitor resources):

Initial state:
Available memory: 2280 Mb
Kicad is compiled in Release version.

pcbnew loaded, without CJK:
Available memory: 2153 Mb
pcbnew + fp viewer loaded, without CJK:
Available memory: 2139 Mb
Pcbnew+Eeschema, without CJK:
Available memory: 2060 Mb

pcbnew loaded, with CJK:
Available memory: 1590 Mb
pcbnew + fp viewer loaded, without CJK:
Available memory: 1537 Mb
Pcbnew+Eeschema, with CJK:
Available memory: 1176 Mb

So, the CJK font takes roughly 900Mb at run time when runnning Eeschema
+ Pcbnew.

It explains why I am running out of memory.
There is certainly room for optimization.

Hi JP-

I pushed an optimization for this. Can you let me know if it helps the memory usage for you?


Seth Hillbrand
KiCad Services Corporation
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