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[RFC] New parameters on simulation dialog



I believe I will soon be ready to provide a patch with changes including handling initial conditions in SPICE .tran simulation.
At the same time some new simulation parameters were prepared.

However recently I checked GNOME design principles: https://developer.gnome.org/hig/stable/design-principles.html.en
and one of them gave me food for thought:

> Every control or piece of information that you add to your application
> creates additional work for users, and increases the complexity of
> your application — potentially making it more difficult and less
> pleasurable to use. Therefore, only include essential controls and
> information in your application interface.
> When adding a new control or piece of information, always take a
> moment to question whether it is necessary.

Initially I wanted to add following options: Temp, Tnom, savecurrents, AbsTol, RelTol, Rshunt, VNTol, NoOpAc, TRAN Method, UIC, ChgTol, TRTol. Now I think that at least three of them are questionable: VNTol, ChgTol, TRTol.

They are not easy to understand and adjusting them will be rarely necessary.

Therefore I'd like to ask for your opinions which of them are OK to include in KiCad. For your reference you can check the sheet I prepared during design (see attachment) and my repository:


Thanks in advance!

Attachment: NewParams.ods
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