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Re: Benchmarking kicad compilation on CPUs released 6 years apart


On 2019-10-30 08:20, Simon Richter wrote:

That is more than 1100% CPU usage, with -j12, so very close to full usage.

How is that even possible, don't you have that two minute phase at the end of building pcbnew_kiface where it's just building pcbnew_wrap.cxx.o and
everything else is done?


Two things can help there. First, using the gold linker (if you are not already) and second, using Ninja. The gold linker is substantially faster than the BFD linker. And Ninja is smarter than make about parallelizing actions. Cmake will happily generate the Ninja files for you with -GNinja.

Here are the results for my testing with all scripting enabled (Debian Buster)

seth@cpu1 (master) % time ninja

 4050.50s user
 291.35s system
 1137% cpu
 6:21.85 total


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