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Back annotate references from PCB


Hi all,
I used some Python script to renumber components in PCB and annotate
it back to schematics. I think now it's usually done by parsing .sch
file as a plain text and re-writing references inside.
May I implement some back annotation feature from PCB to schematic?
I looked a bit and probably easiest way - to add a new option in
"Import->Footprint Association File" in eeschema. Something like
"update references according timestamps". And get information about
references and timestamps from .cmp file.
I would be happy to join you and discuss that at the FOSDEM, but
unfortunately I cannot go there ;'-(
And second question, sorry if it's stupid: If I want some new feature
in KiCad, what do I do first? Write here and ask like "Hi, I want to
implement that."? Or should I use some other stuff like IRC? Or first
I do patch and team will look if that's useful?
I'm quite new to open source and still not sure how to behave if I
want to do some improvements

Best regards,

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