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New Official Bug Tracker Tags


I would like to introduce two new official tags on the bug tracker to track
issues relating to the symbol and footprint editors. Currently we are
tracking these under the eeschema and pcbnew tags respectively, but those
are growing quite large (pcbnew has over 500). I think tracking these two
tools under separate tags would help, since then we can more easily locate
bugs/wishlist items for them.

I am thinking the footprint editor should be *modedit*, and my initial
proposal for the symbol editor is *libedit*. I don't really like libedit
though, since technically footprints also live in a library (but the code
calls it libedit). Anyone have a better suggestion for its tag?

Once we sort out the tag, and if no one objects, I will go through and
update the tags after the GitLab transition is done.


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