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Re: Strokefont change from std::deque to std::vector


On 12/3/19 7:27 AM, Jeff Young wrote:
Hi Seth,

Trying to keep track of lengths is going to be ugly.  I did re-write the bounding-box calc (which saves a bunch), and re-mapped the initialisation to use stack storage until all the points had been allocated (which saves a little).

But it’s still too slow (especially when you try to edit a pad).

A glyph is an array of strokes; a stroke is an array of points.  Do you remember which was giving the issue?  (Or was it both?)

Changing the glyph back to a deque (and leaving the strokes vectors) would probably alleviate much of the performance hit — but I’m not sure if it would bring back the memory issues or not.


Hi Jeff-

How about this solution:

There's no reason we need to keep generating Hershey.  It is bulky, we can't read it by a human anyway and we waste time reloading.

Instead, I'll adjust the generation script to build the vector<vector<vector<VECTOR2D>>> structure as a constant.  Then we can just reference it and it is converted at compile time.

If you're OK with this plan, I'll do the adjustment.


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