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Bug tracker freeze


This is a notice to everyone on this mailing list that the bug tracker
on Launchpad is currently frozen.  Please do not make any changes to the
Launchpad bug report system until further notice.  Unfortunately it
appears that I cannot disable the bug tracker until the migration script
completes migrating the open bug reports to GitLab.  This means that if
you submit any bug reports and/or comment on any existing reports during
the migration, this information could be lost depending on the timing of
the changes.  It will be the responsibility of the person who made the
changes to update the issue in GitLab if this occurs.  As soon as the
migration script completes, I will disable the Launchpad bug tracking
system an open the GitLab issue tracker.  This will likely take around
24 hours to complete due.  Thank you in advance for your patience and