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Re: Editing stroke font


On 2019-12-07 13:18, Jeff Young wrote:
Is there a tutorial anywhere on editing the stroke font?  We seem to
be missing the Ω symbol….

Hi Jeff-

There is no tutorial that I know of. And it is implemented in a gawk-centric language all of its own. Looking quickly, I see that U+03A9 is in the font. You can probably copy that to U+2126 if you wanted.

Here's how:
1) Open the helpers/tools_to_build_newstroke_font/font.pro project
2) Fire up symbol editor
3) Find or create the symbol you want. In your case, I think you want OMEGA_CAP, which is in there
4) Open charlist.txt
5) Scroll down to the unicode value you want to insert. Note that these are sequential except for the skips. 6) Add the name of the symbol from font.lib. Optionally you can combine multiple symbols together by listing them on the same line.

After this, you will need to generate the new font. This is _mostly_ accomplished by running the gawk script with charlist.txt and the two libs as parameters. This needs to be copy-pasted into the newstroke.h file, keeping the qualifiers.


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