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Re: [PATCH] Project manager: Recurse into dirs added via fs watcher handlers


On 2019-12-20 06:06, Mikołaj Wielgus wrote:

> I'm unable to submit a merge request, probably because I'm not a member of the KiCad Gitlab group. I've submitted an access request.
> FYI kicad-pcb.org [1] says that patches are submitted through the mailing list (or alternatively through Launchpad), and I followed that. Perhaps an update is needed? 
> Best regards, 
> Mikołaj Wielgus

Hi Mikołaj- 

I was just writing an e-mail to you about this. We do need to update the
website following our move to GitLab.  Thanks for the check! 

To submit a merge request, you need to clone the repository on GitLab
into your personal GitLab account.  Then create a branch in your GitLab
repository with your changes.  After this, you can submit this branch
for a merge request. 

There is detailed step-by-step documentation of this at


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