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New Feature: Pad property.


Hi All,

FYI, I just added a new feature, only used in Gerber files:
Pad property.

This is a pad property for fabrication, used in latest Gerber file
specification (copper layers plots and drill files)

Property is a pad info used mainly for fabrication or test.
Currently, supported properties are:
BGA property (variant of SMD pad)
Fiducial (global to the board or local to the footprint)
Test Point
Heat sink (for thermal pads)

They are attributes in Gerber files.
They are not used in the board editor.

Because the pad property (unless it is set to "none") modify the
kicad_pcb and/or kicad_mod files, this new feature is available only if:
is added in the "kicad_advanced" config file.

Note: "kicad_advanced" config file has an other option:
that stores (and displays) pin names in pads.
This info can be useful when routing a board, and are used in Gerber
placement files.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS