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Linux distribution support policy


After the discussion on the list after the update to Boost 1.59, I have
drafted an updated support statement for the 3 supported Linux
distributions we have: https://github.com/KiCad/kicad-website/pull/470. I
would like feedback on this policy (either here or on GitHub).

Basically, Fedora and Debian versions will be supported as long as they are
supported by upstream.

LTS Ubuntu versions will be supported for 1 year after the next LTS version
is released (giving a 1-year overlap). Non-LTS versions will be supported
for as long as they are supported by upstream.

I think 3 years of support for an LTS release is a good amount (if we went
with how long upstream supported it, then we would have a 6-year support
window). This is important not only for Boost, but also for wxWidgets. Once
3.2 is released, I would imagine that only the new releases will contain
it. That means that if we support the LTS versions for the 6-year time
frame, we would have to also support the outdated wxWidgets versions (and
deal with their quirks/bugs) for that amount of time (and 3.2 won't be
released by 20.04, that I can say for sure, so that would mean supporting
3.0 until 2026 - when even wxWidgets upstream won't support it probably).


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