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Re: Rebase the tree?



On 17.01.20 18:02, Ian McInerney wrote:

> You can't just use the `git rebase
> master devBranch` command to fix it, since that will go back to the last
> unchanged commit before the binary blobs, then replay all the contents
> of their branch since then onto the current master - which will include
> the commits from master itself that they picked up since the binary
> blobs. Not all of our contributors have an enormous amount of experience
> using git, so that could be difficult for them to do properly.

Indeed, automatic rebases end up with the four commits, reduced to just
the insertion and deletion of the files, before the rebased branch.

What works is using rebase -i, and removing the four commits from the
list, so we could tell people to do that:

1. "git rebase -i origin/master"
2. in the editor, if they are present, remove the lines

    pick ea31730b4 Handle error returns from lstat.
    pick e83420f19 Remove file accidentally commited in ea31730b4
    pick e27e6ee16 Also catch null dereference in case wxASSERT was skipped.
    pick e1925b89c Remove file accidentally added in e27e6ee1

3. save and exit

The sooner we do this, the fewer people will have branches based on
these. I'm not worried about the CI systems, these have long pulled the
objects, and haven't run out of space as a result, but it makes fresh
clones a lot slower than they need to be, especially over https, where
shallow clones cannot be negotiated.


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