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Re: Issue with polygon shape start/end points


Merge request for this patch:

On Mon, Jan 13, 2020 at 5:16 PM Andrew Lutsenko <anlutsenko@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hello devs,
> There was a bug report
> <https://forum.kicad.info/t/interactive-html-bom-plugin-for-kicad-5-0/11713/221?u=qu1ck>for
> my bom plugin about incorrect behavior related to polygons that were
> moved/duplicated. Upon inspection it turns out that KiCad API returns
> inconsistent values when move occurs. Move operation affects both start
> point and the outline of the polygon but only until pcbnew is restarted.
> Upon reload API returns 0,0 for start point (which makes sense since
> start/end points are not saved in the file) and only outline is moved.
> My question is whether this can be considered as a bug. I think it should
> be since pcbnew should not change API call results just because it was
> restarted. If we don't save start/end points then we should not modify them
> internally either.
> My plugin generally treats start point as an offset for canvas and while I
> can add a workaround just for polygons it might be cleaner to fix this in
> KiCad. Let me know if you disagree.
> I've attached the patch to avoid modifying polygon start/end points on
> move. Btw that would make the operation consistent with how rotate works,
> it only affects outline but not DRAWSEGMENT's angle.
> This affects both 5.1 and master branches.
> Regards,
> Andrew