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Re: GitHub Mirror not updating?


Hi Simon, Wayne,

> If they have local work, the sanest approach is to rebase on top of
> origin/master and delete the offending commits at the same time by doing
> an interactive rebase
>     $ git rebase -i origin/master
> This gives a list of all commits that don't have identical content in
> the old and new history. Since the filtered branch is the same except
> for those four, the first four lines will be
>     pick ea31730b4 Handle error returns from lstat.
>     pick e83420f19 Remove file accidentally commited in ea31730b4
>     pick e27e6ee16 Also catch null dereference in case wxASSERT was skipped.
>     pick e1925b89c Remove file accidentally added in e27e6ee1

I think you can remove the need for an interactive rebase and manual
editing of the commit list by using something like:

$ git rebase sha_of_old_master --onto origin/master

Where sha_of_old_master is the sha of the master branch just before this
blob-removing history editing takes place. Alternatively, I *think* that
the --fork-point option might even resolve this automatically (based on
the reflog), but I'm not entirely sure.

Also, this rebase command should also work for users that have no local
commits (as an alternative to the reset --keep Simon proposed), so this
could be a single command for everyone to use to bring their branches up
to date.



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